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A Closer Look at Jackson & Coker Telehealth


Telehealth Startup Series #1: Equipment & Support

Find out what you need to start your organization's telehealth program.

Telehealth Startup Series #2: Billing & CPT Codes

We break down the codes you need for telehealth billing.


Telehealth Startup Series #3: Staffing Your Program

Understand how to create an effective telehealth staffing strategy.


Telehealth Startup Series #4: Billing & NPI Numbers

Learn how to bill for telehealth under your physician's NPI number.

Provider-to-Provider Consults

How you can use our platform for interprofessional consultations.


How Physicians Use Telehealth

Telehealth goes beyond direct-to-patient care. Read how.

Every hospital department can benefit from telehealth.

Can Telehealth Help My Hospital?

Every hospital department can benefit. See real-life examples.


How to Get Reimbursed

See how telehealth regulations affect your state.

Telehealth helps rural patients gain better access to physicians and other providers.

Telehealth's Rural Revolution

Patients in underserved communities get the care access they need.

How to Choose Your Staffing Plan

Find out the best options for your organization.

Jackson & Coker Telehealth Expert shares the future of telehealth.

Virtual Care's Potential

Our telehealth expert predicts the future of telehealth.

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