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Happy National Doctor's Day - 2022

Celebrate National Doctor’s Day 2022

There are over a million reasons to be grateful on National Doctor’s Day – that is one reason for every physician in the United States.

Survey: Physicians on the COVID-19 Vaccine and Employer Mandates

How do physicians feel about employer mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine? We surveyed 800 physicians to find out.

Thank Hospital Heroes

We're showing our support for the #ThankHospitalHeroes movement and all healthcare workers fighting coronavirus.

Survey: Physician Salaries 2020

Jackson & Coker surveyed hundreds of physicians for insights on salaries, bonuses and vacation time by specialty.

Locums Through Your Lifetime

Locums Through Your Life

No matter where you are on your career path, locums work can offer you profound benefits – and become the solution to your frustrations.

Road Map to Locums

Steps to Locum Tenens

Click forward on our interactive road map to see how easy it is to get from job application to walking into your new facility.

Why Locums is Right for Me: Exclusive Tips From Dr. Moorjani

Dr. Moorjani shares insights and exclusive for providers who are considering how locums can fit into their career path.

Doctors enjoy working locums full-time.

Everything You Need to Know to Switch to Locum Tenens Full-Time

Now's the time to make locum tenens your full-time career. Here's everything you need to know to make the transition.

Patients come together to show doctors they care by submitting thank you notes. This is the thank a doctor movement.

Why We Need to Show Doctors Gratitude

Being a doctor is rarely like what we see on popular TV shows. Here's why we should #ThankADoctor.

This guide offers tips to successfully hiring quality locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners to serve your community.

Your Complete Guide to Interviewing Providers

Jackson & Coker has compiled a complete guide to interviewing physicians and advanced practitioners. From salary history bans to staying EEOC compliant, here's what healthcare administrators need to know.

Patients wrote doctors thank you notes for helping their families.

Why We Started the #ThankADoctor Movement

Jackson & Coker President Sandy Garrett explains why we're collecting thank you notes from patients to doctors.

Why was National Doctors' Day started? The history behind the holiday.

What is National Doctors' Day? The History Behind the Holiday

Every year we mark National Doctors' Day on March 30th. Here's why we celebrate.

Patient Centricity – What’s the ROI?

Patient Centricity: What's the ROI

Many physicians are looking towards more holistic patient care. What are the benefits?

Dr. Bulow helps patients through his locums work while pursuing his work as an accomplished New York artist in New York.

Looking Beyond the Mask as a Physician and Artist

This locum tenens psychiatrist's knowledge of the human mind intertwines with his passion for art.

Locum tenens offers many benefits for new physician residency graduates.

Locum Tenens After Residency

Why locums is the natural career choice for medical residents.

Benefits of working locum tenens are immense. Provider shares how his locums job cured his burnout and helped him enjoy work again.

Locum Tenens Medical Missions

Locum tenens allows Dr. Boutwell to be a medical missionary and published author.

Doctors who travel for work should know these IRS locum tenens tax rules for April.

How to File Locum Tenens Taxes

Locum tenens taxes don't have to be hard. Here's what traveling physicians should know.

Emergency Medicine physicians explain what they want in their next job - from pay, to benefits, to location, and staffing mix.

Emergency Medicine: How Do You Compare with Your Peers?

What do physicians really look for in a new job? Jackson & Coker surveyed Emergency Medicine physicians to find out. See how you compare with your peers.

Locum tenens can be a full-time career for physicians who want flexibility and a great work-life balance.

Why Work Locums

Locum tenens can be a full-time career for physicians who want flexibility and a great work-life balance.

How do you maintain your home while traveling for work as a healthcare provider?

Don't Forget This While You’re Away on Assignment

Strategies for locums physicians to employ to keep their homes secure.

Where Should You Go For Your Next Locum Tenens Assignment?

You can go anywhere in the country for your next locum tenens assignment. Use our guide to decide where to go next.

What you need to know as a locum tenens physician or advanced practitioner who travels for work.

Travel Hacks for Locum Tenens Physicians

You have a lot on your mind headed to your next locum tenens assignment. Getting there shouldn't be a burden.

Should you leave your physician job? These five indicators will help you determine whether you should stay or pick a new hospital or clinic job.

When to Leave Your Physician Job

It may be time to look for a new physician job if you're experiencing any of these five signs.

Change Your Career to Fight Burnout

Physicians are fighting back against physician burnout by taking control of their careers.

Locum tenens jobs help physicians and healthcare providers find new enjoyment in career.

Five Surefire Signs It's Time For You to Consider Locum Tenens

You may be missing these signs that make you a great candidate for locum tenens.

The Future of Technology in Healthcare

Here's how technology is changing the face of healthcare.

Psychiatrist salaries are rising.

Growth Trends in Psychiatrists' Salaries

Here's what you need to know about salaries in your field.

Exclusive Tips Guaranteed to Enhance Your Job Search

Utilize these exclusive career tips to take your job search experience to the next level.

2020 Outlook: Trends for Physicians and Advanced Practitioners

2020 Outlook: Trends for Physicians and Advanced Practitioners

The Interstate Compact helps locum tenens and telehealth physicians get licensed faster.

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

This licensure compact is making the process for physician licenses a lot easier.

Faster, Easier Physician Licensing Is Here

Jackson & Coker hosted a Live Q&A with physicians and Dr. Jon Thomas, Chair of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission, to provide insight on what physicians need to know about the Compact of April 2017.

How Locum Tenens Saved My Career

Dr. Fred Moss explains why he switched to a career in locum tenens. He details how locum tenens cured his burnout and helped him enjoy physician work again.

Growth in Psychiatrists' Salaries

As a Psychiatrist, you're in demand. Are you taking advantage of your career opportunities?

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