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Post-COVID Solutions For Telehealth

The novel coronavirus hit the United States hard, upending 2020 plans for many healthcare organizations across the country. But Telehealth was one of the few healthcare sectors that saw a boost in utilization and volume.

Is your organization ready to emerge from the pandemic with a plan to maximize telehealth’s potential for the future? Here are three strategies to consider:

1. Maintain Your Program

There’s been an 80% increase in year-over-year telehealth growth in the U.S. due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to Arizton market research. That means many healthcare organizations have had to scale their telehealth programs quickly to meet demand.

If that’s true for you, how can you maintain the necessary staffing for your telehealth program going forward? How can you be prepared for another patient surge? Create a plan now to have flexibility in staffing and services should another wave of coronavirus (or a similar situation) hit again.

Perspective: Telehealth may see big long-term gains due to COVID-19

2. Use Telehealth to Help Return to Normal

You’re likely backlogged with postponed appointments and procedures. Use telemedicine to help you cover non-emergent appointments and follow-up care. It can also be a valuable way to see patients who may feel afraid to return to your physical location too quickly.

Insight: Telemedicine’s role after the COVID-19 pandemic

3. Keep Up with Reimbursement Guidelines

CMS has waived telehealth-reimbursement restrictions in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Historically, these may have kept patients and providers from accessing telehealth to its full potential. Now, hospitals are able to recoup volume and revenue through telehealth. The answer is – what happens after the pandemic? Will these changes become permanent?

Predictions: COVID-19 may permanently alter the telehealth landscape

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