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My Life on the Front Line

Featuring Dr. Carlos Cucalon

Dr. Cucalon shares what it's like to be a physician treating COVID-19 patients during the global pandemic.

COVID-19 started a pandemic that no one was prepared for.

Aside from an increase in needed medical materials, the world is in need of providers. This is where we are able to step in and make a difference!

Jackson & Coker is honored to be a part of the fight against COVID. We are thankful for the providers risking their lives on the front line each day as well as providers like Dr. Cucalon who are ready and willing to help patients by temporarily leaving their family to support a larger cause. Providers volunteering and allowing us to place them at facilities in need truly makes a difference and keeps us connected as we combat this pandemic. We are working to step in any way we can to keep our communities healthy!

If you're like Dr. Cucalon and want to join us to help communities in need, click below!

How may we help?

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