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Jackson & Coker Gives Back

We Put Others First

At Jackson & Coker, we live our values – Others First, Growth and Wisdom – every day. By putting others before self, we are reminded of how our actions impact the community and people around us.

As a part of the Jackson Healthcare family of companies, Jackson & Coker is actively involved with LoveLifts -- a community impact platform that allows all Jackson Healthcare associates to give back. The work that is accomplished through LoveLifts is tailored towards helping overcome barriers to healthcare and/or fosters wellbeing for disadvantaged children, helping orphaned or otherwise estranged children feel safe, valued and healthy.

Jackson & Coker associates love participating each year with the rest of the Jackson Healthcare family to collect funds to support foster children and DFACS children throughout Georgia. Our associates take pride in using those funds to shop the children’s wish lists and volunteer their time at holiday parties we host in our building for the families.

Other organizations we support include the North Fulton Community Charities, where associates volunteer time sorting in the food pantry and thrift store, and the Foster Care Support Foundation, which helps provide for local foster families.


North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC)

In 2018, Jackson & Coker is working with North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC), which helps members of our community who are facing homelessness or hunger by providing emergency assistance and enrichment programs.

According to NFCC, the organization offers assistance to over 4,200 families, offering a food pantry, clothing vouchers and direct financial aid. NFCC also offers free classes and workshops in money management, job readiness, health and wellness.

We have helped sort food in the food pantry, unload donation deliveries, organize thrift store items and collect much-needed supplies. One of our core values is Others First, and this is one way we're living that value.

North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC)

Homes of Hope

Homes of Hope is one of the most rewarding – and humbling – programs we work with. Our company leaders have traveled to Mexico to participate in home builds for deserving families who live under difficult circumstances without basics like indoor plumbing, electricity or even a proper roof. We help these families through labor, donated home supplies and paid school fees for their children.

In June of 2018, Jackson & Coker sent to two teams to Costa Rica who were able to build homes for two families who desperately needed them. After living in shanties in Costa Rica for 25 years, these families were finally gifted homes. These experiences left our team members humbled and encouraged.


Dress Down December

Through Jackson Healthcare, our associates are able to participate in an initiative called Dress Down December, which helps provide foster children with Christmas gifts. The program began 15 years ago when an associate at the Alpharetta-based company collected donations from a few other colleagues and used the donations to shop for items on each child’s Christmas list and host a holiday lunch at the home.

Now, each December, associates are asked to contribute $1.00 for each day in December they want to wear jeans. Jackson Healthcare matches each donation dollar for dollar. Over the years, more than 843 Jackson Healthcare employees have donated over $27,000 to supply foster children with Christmas magic. Jackson Healthcare has matched nearly $55,000 total which has helped to support 434 foster children from five organizations across the metro area. 

Jackson & Coker is always looking for team members who want to make a difference in their community and at work. If that sounds like you, let's talk.

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